Mandate of the Institute

As indicated in the mission statement of the Institute, its activities revolve around three major areas. These are:

  1. Teaching/Training. This aims at equipping graduates with the requisite skills and knowledge for  the re-invention and transformation  of governance for the well-being of the society. The emphasis is on short term as well as postgraduate programmes in governance on full and part time basis.
  2. Research. The Institute focuses its research activities on the various dimensions of governance with a view to producing cutting edge knowledge on the state and effectiveness of, and challenges to, good governance at local, national, regional and global levels
  3. Community Service. This is mainly in the realm of systems advocacy and is premised on the understanding that for governance to contribute to the development of contemporary society, it must be participatory, responsive to people’s needs and promote social inclusion. Therefore, the Institute will on continuous basis direct its advocacy to the education and sensitization of the citizens on governance issues, monitoring of policies and influencing agenda on governance reforms for the promotion of the ideals of good governance in all segments of
Our Philosophy
Governance failure has continued to undermine development in most of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa including Nigeria. This manifests in ineffectiveness and ...
Our Vision & Mission
A world-class and highly reputable institution for the advancement and understanding of theory, practice and policy of Governance and a reference ...
Our Core Values
The achievement of the above expressed/stated philosophy and objectives can only take place within certain ideas here described as core values. They are: ...
Our Mandate
Our activities revolve around three major areas. These are: Teaching/Training, Research and Community Service