Short Executive Courses

The need for short courses and training programmes continues to be important in the modern world. Many institutions all over the world have explored this window of intervention to accommodate those in dire need of knowledge update on the job. The desire to update knowledge has never been so intense in a world that is becoming competitive by the day. Thus, as a growing centre of learning and knowledge production, The Oba (Dr) Sikiru Kayode Adetona Institute of Governance Studies cannot afford to be left behind. It taps into this trend, as a responsible player in the industry, and also as part realizing the core mandate of the Institute, which is improving governance in the society. In this, it seeks to chart a positive direction in the search for human capacity development powered by illuminating ideas and effective practice. The goal is to promote policies, infrastructure and activities/actions that integrate private and public sectors and community needs. The aim is to evolve strategies that address such issues as population pressure, poverty, sustainable ecosystems, effective climate action, greater involvement and participation of citizens in sustainable development, peace, security and democracy at national, regional and global levels.

The short courses and training will be designed to hold for few days, and participants will be issued certificates. Resource persons will be drawn as it were from gown and town, a combination of competent experts from the academia and the public and private sectors. Thus, experienced academics, professionals, top public and private sector leaders and security experts and other practitioners with vast knowledge of theory, practice and policy will utilized. On-demand courses can be mounted as requested for by clients/organisations in addition to the list of courses outlined below.


Objectives of the Short Courses/Training Programmes

  1. To provide short courses for enhanced performance for middle to very senior executives and top leaders in government, business, professional practice, academic community, defence and security sectors, among others; and
  2. To contribute to the development of human capital for effective governance of all aspects of society

List of Courses/Training programmes

  1. Global Governance and Diplomacy
  2. Climate Adaptation Governance
  3. Resource Governance
  4. Security Sector Governance
  5. E-Governance
  6. Gender and Governance
  7. Corporate Governance
  8. Cyber Security Governance
  9. Environmental Governance
  10. Health Governance
  11. Governance and Leadership
  12. Governance and Corruption
  13. Legislative Studies
  14. *IT Governance Professional Certification and training courses
  15. On-demand courses designed to address clients’ needs

* As provided for by relevant professional bodies